Start Date Finish Date
5th May 7th May

Dates on Site: These are the dates that DC Site Devices are on site, not the dates available for work - Refer to PAAM Dates.

3rd May – 10th May


Show Dates: The show days for the event

5th & 6th May



Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park



DC Site Services has been contracted to provide the following services. Please follow the link for the full job description of each role.

Recycling, Litter & Waste Management

·         Change the bags in full wheelie bins and remove to waste compound

·         Litter pick ground/seating areas

·         Empty large back of house bins

·         Sort general waste from recyclable materials


Shifts Available (subject to change):

Between 8 hours and 12 hours long. All shifts will include an unpaid break.


·         Early Shifts

·         Late Shifts

·         Night Shifts

·         Pre-show and Post Show Shifts (please contact the office for further information)


Event Information:

Arcadia fuse ground-breaking spectacle, cutting edge technology, sculpture, engineering, architecture, adrenaline & bass into vivid sensory experiences.


Transforming recycled military and industrial hardware into dynamic sculptures and electrifying arenas, arcadia appear in cities and at festivals throughout the world.


A full PAAM Information back will be released to all accepted staff before the event start date. For further information please contact the office.

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