Sacrewell Farm Charity Fireworks

Start Date Finish Date
26th Oct 26th Oct


Sacrewell Farm, Peterborough


DC Site Services has been contracted to provide the following services. Please click the title for the full job description 

Traffic Marshall

·       Ensure the smooth movement of traffic through the site or car park

·       Ensure traffic is moving but at the correct speed limit

·       Park cars quickly and efficiently

·       Check vehicle passes where appropriate

·       Escort vehicles through crowded areas

·       Be vigilant of possible hazards or issues and report to your supervisor

Event Information:


A full PAAM Information pack will be released to all accepted staff before the event start date. For further information please contact us.


Arrival Information:

You will need to arrive 1 hour before your first shift for briefing and training, please check the PAAM information for exact dates and times. 

Shift Pattern:

You will be working a 4.5 hour shift BUT WILL be paid for 6 hours.

Please visit our FAQ’s for more information.


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